Mission towards zero waste

We are committed to being as sustainable as possible as a business and as individuals who deeply care about our impact on our planet. Leaving no plastic behind, preventing food waste and continuously asking ourselves, how can we reduce our footprint is only the beginning for Earth to Earth as we progress to becoming a completely plastic free company.
All packaging we use is 100% recyclable. All the padding in your orders is reused packaging, reducing the amount of paper being produced in the first place. Our green fingered food growing initiatives will soon be wide spread to your homes, helping to reduce food waste and encourage more green spaces.
In our efforts as a small growing company, we ask all of our customers to be patient with us as we elevate ourselves to a position of stability to bring you more eco-friendly packaging options away from plastic and still keep costs fair for you, the consumer.
Cleanhub's initiatives aligns with our own for a cleaner planet for all. Partnering with them increases their efforts to reduce plastic and landfill waste throughout our global community in the worst hit areas affecting sewage, water supplies and air and ocean pollution.


Earth to Earth decides to take action against marine plastic pollution


Earth to Earth placed the order for the recovery of 223KG on June 22nd, 2020


Cleanhub engaged its collecting and sorting partners in Vijayawada, India to fulfill the order


Order completed! 223 kg of plastic were successfully recovered from the environment.

1. Location: Vijayawada, India

Cleanhub arranges the collection of plastic waste, that is bound for the ocean.

Cleanhub promotes decent work and productive employment within its partner network and engages leading 3rd party auditors to ensure ongoing compliance.

2. Collection & Sorting

Sreekanth runs the collection and sorting of plastic from the environment.

Sreekanth runs a plastic recycling company in the 2nd generation. When he is not engaged by Cleanhub, he focuses on LDPE, turning milk pouches into hoses for agriculture.

3. Logistics & Safe Recovery

Geocycle runs logistics and ensures the safe recovery of all plastic waste.

Geocycle (LaFargeHolcim) offers leading waste treatment solutions based on a unique industrial process called co-processing. It refers to the simultaneous recycling of mineral materials and recovery of energy within one single industrial process: cement manufacturing.